Monday, December 17, 2007


third edition - The Ethics of Dwelling

18 – 22 December 2007

Opening: 18/12/07 18:00 hrs.

10 G-ral Budisteanu
Bucharest 1

organised by the Centre for Research in Visual Arts/Faculty of Fine Arts – The West University of Timisoara and The National University of Arts in Bucharest

Monday, November 26, 2007

10 G-ral Budisteanu

28.11 – 13.12.07

Opening: Wednesday 28.11.07 17h00

“La ruinurile” unui muzeu / On the ruins of a museum

works from the Kalinderu collection of the Museum of the National University of Arts Bucharest in a dialogue with contemporary works by: Reka Csapo-Dup, Darie Dup, Adrian Ilfoveanu, Elena Nuca, Marius Purice, Gabriela Tofan

Of all the copies in marble and bronze from famous works of art, copies chosen and contracted by Kalinderu in the workshops of fin-de-siècle Florence, a few fragments are still with us.
The current exhibition pays hommage to them trying to restore their identity and link them to contemporary creation.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Opening: Monday 19.11.07 19h00

10 G-ral Budisteanu

The Favourites

25 Dutch Designers present their favourite design
the work of 24 Dutch and Romanian design students
an overview of 010 Publishers (Rotterdam)

Opening by Ruxandra Demetrescu, Rector of Bucharest National University of Arts and
Jaap Werner, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Romania

The exhibition is divided into 3 parts: The Favourites, The books of 010 Publishers and Student’s work, and is designed by Piet Gerards, Hanna Donker and Maud van Rossum.

The Favourites

will show the most favourite designs of 25 Dutch Designers. Each designer will choose and elucidate on one work of their oeuvre. The participants are: Hans Bockting/Sabine Bockting, Baer Cornet, Frits Deys, Edo van Dijk, Bram de Does, Piet Gerards, Mieke Gerritzen, Lucas de Groot, Melle Hammer, Reynoud Homan, Ton Homburg/Marty Schoutsen, Erik Kessels, Rene Knip, Jacques Koeweiden, Richard van der Laken/Pepijn Zurburg, Richard Niessen/Esther de Vries, Martin Pyper, Geert Setola, Lex reitsma, Lies Ros, Fred Smeijers, Ewald Spieker, Gerard Unger, Chris Vermaas, Thomas Widdershoven.

The books of 010 Publishers

Monday 19 Nov, Hans Oldewarris, director of 010 Publishers Rotterdam, will have a lecture on book publishing. He will illustrate this lecture with a selection of his published books over the last 25 years. This selection will be shown in the exhibition.

Student’s work

Each student will choose a piece of their own work and present it together with their rationale for choosing it.

For more information on Atelier Tipografic / Typography Studio project, please visit

Atelier Tipografic / Typography Studio is an initiative of Piet Gerards (Graphic Designer, Amsterdam) as part of Golden Age, Highlights of Dutch Graphic Design (1890–1990) exhibition at MNAC Bucharest in cooperation with David Quay (Type Designer, Amsterdam), Dinu Dumbravician (Teacher at una, Bucharest), Warren Lee (Nijhof&Lee, Amster­dam), Maud van Rossum (Graphic Designer at Piet Gerards Ontwer­pers) and Hanna Donker (Trainee Piet Gerards Ontwerpers)

Made possible by the National Committee for International Cooper­ation and Sustainable Development, Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion (Amsterdam), De Beyerd, Graphic Design Museum (Breda), Dutch Embassy (Bucha­rest), Drukkerij Rosbeek (Nuth), riwi Color (Amsterdam), Manage­rial office Groucho’s (Maastricht), Van den Brandhof Interior Design (De Meern), 010 Publishers (Rotter­dam), Nijhof&Lee (Amsterdam), Galerie Godá (Amsterdam), La Strada (Bucuresti), Brand Tailors (Bucuresti), mgt Educational (Bucuresti) and Design Studio (Bucuresti)

Participants Universitatea Nationala de Arte (Bucuresti), Koninklijke Academie (Den Haag), Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam), Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Utrecht), Acade­mie Beeldende Kunsten (Maastricht), Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amster­dam), artez (Arnhem)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CRAFTMANSHIP FOREVER - opening 1/11/07 18:00 hrs

contemporary glass design and photography
Opening: Thursday 1/11/07 18:00

10 G-ral Budisteanu


brought to you by
The Czech Centre in Bucharest & the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague

Professors Michal Fronek and Jan Nemecek have encouraged five of their students to spend almost a month at the glass workshop Kvetna, where superior handmade glassware that is traditionally known for its exclusive quality is produced.
The objects produced by the students are the results of inspiration from the glass shapes designed by the great masters from the past and the creation of their own experimental designs of applied art. During this project, students were asked to underline a specific feature that the glass artists of Kvetna have – the ability to design objects similar to those from the past, modelling the glass in the same way. This experiment proved very interesting for both parties involved – manufacturers and students -who succeeded in creating valuable objects of innovative design.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Embassy of Finland in Bucharest &
FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange

Wilma Hurskainen - Growth
18 - 30.10.2007
Opening: Thursday, Oct. 18th, 18:00 hrs.

10 G-ral Budisteanu
Bucharest 1

Growth 2003-2005
“Growth is a project in which I am reconstructing and re-photographing pictures that my dad took of me and my three little sisters when we were children. I am trying to make the new photograph look as similar as possible to the old one: the place and the composition are the same.
I have always been very attracted by the photograph’s ability to cross time and create this kind of comparisons. There is something sad, almost tragic, about looking at old photographs compared to new ones and seeing how people and things have changed or grown up. After all, it is said that time has been accepted as a common means of measuring life because people are not able nor willing to see the change in themselves. In the pictures it seems as if we were trying to go back to our childhood but unavoidably failed – there is no return in time.
I am also interested in family photographs and the way they are taken, stored and (not so often) looked at. Anyone with any family history can tell that, although the family pictures are supposed to tell a story about a happy, unanimous family, growing up with other people is never simple.
The project is still going on and I would even like to reconstruct the pictures again after 20 years. Unfortunately a part of the growth and life is that it is impossible to predict how things will turn out.” (Wilma Hurskainen)