Monday, March 23, 2009

Life after Life
Wojciech Wilczyk
27.03 - 16.04.2009

Opening: Friday 27 March 18h00

curator: Adam Mazur (Warsow Zamek Ujazdowski Center of Contemporary Art).

Car fetishes, former owners cannot abandon, transform into side roads monuments, poetic collages, poor relatives of stylized advertisements of motor business, completely magical objects...

supported by The Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest

Friday, March 13, 2009

Evolution and Strategies of Italian Fashion System
Monday 16 March 2009 18h00
Presented by Fabrizio Tovaglieri (Istituto Marangoni)

The lecture aims to introduce the main features of the Italian fashion system. More precisely, the presentation will stress the value of the Italian fashion industry in terms of total turnover, employment rate and commercial balance through a snapshot of some key economic data. In order to understand the origins of Italian Fashion System, a look will be also shed towards the time of French haute couture and to some French styling campaigns from the 40’s and 50’s.The focus will be then shifted to some success factors of the Italian fashion system and, namely, the supply chain, the diversified structure of industrial fashion groups, the industry clusters, creativity and the unique combination of image and communication, i.e. the role of styling. Some concluding remarks on careers in fashion will be made at the end of the presentation.
Part 1 – The Italian Fashion System, key economic data
Part 2 – The time of French fashion
Part 3 – From French Haute couture to Italian “prêt-à-porter”
Part 3.1 – The role of Italian textile companies and fashion designers
Part 3.2 – Main Italian fashion designers Part 4 – Features of Italian fashion industry
Part 4.1 – The supply chain
Part 4.2 – Fashion industrial groups
Part 4.3 – Industry Clusters (Business clusters and Geographic Clusters)
Part 4.4 – Creativity
Part 4.5 – The value of image and communication: Styling
Part 4.6 – Styling projects
Part 5 – Careers in the Fashion System
Part 6 – Questions and Answers session

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


10 – 24 March 2009

Opening: Tuesday 10 March 18h00

Artists: Ana Banica, Gabriela Boiangiu, Rozalinda Borcila, Emanuel Borcescu, Care Cutare,Cozo (Cosmin Paulescu), Suzana Dan, Gorzo, Mirela Ivanciu, Stela Lie, Ioana Marinescu, Aurelia Mihai, Gili Mocanu, Vlad Nanca, Lila Passima, Delia Popa

Curators: Ann Albritton (Ringling College of Art and Design, FL) Elaine O’Brien (Sacramento State University, CA) Carmen Iovitu (MNAC, Bucuresti), Mirela Ivanciu (Universitatea Nationala de Arte, Bucuresti)

TRACES: CONTEMPORARY ROMANIAN ART presents sixteen young Romanian artists who—sometimes straightforwardly and often ironically—explore issues of culture as well as gender through a variety of work: photography, videos, hand sewn projects, small objects, and paintings.

The exhibition first traveled to CIAC Gallery in Pont Aven, France, July 12 to August 14, 2008; to the Robert Else Gallery, Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA from Sept. 2 to Oct. 15, 2008; and to the Selby Gallery, Sarasota, from Nov. 14 to Dec. 16, 2008

Supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York