Monday, November 26, 2007

10 G-ral Budisteanu

28.11 – 13.12.07

Opening: Wednesday 28.11.07 17h00

“La ruinurile” unui muzeu / On the ruins of a museum

works from the Kalinderu collection of the Museum of the National University of Arts Bucharest in a dialogue with contemporary works by: Reka Csapo-Dup, Darie Dup, Adrian Ilfoveanu, Elena Nuca, Marius Purice, Gabriela Tofan

Of all the copies in marble and bronze from famous works of art, copies chosen and contracted by Kalinderu in the workshops of fin-de-siècle Florence, a few fragments are still with us.
The current exhibition pays hommage to them trying to restore their identity and link them to contemporary creation.

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