Friday, January 11, 2008

The Key Spot

11 – 17/01/2008

Opening: Friday 11/01/2008 18h00

Oana Barleanu, Adrian Branea, Lucia Dumitrescu, Mihai Ilie, Maria Marin, Mihai Mihail, Emilia Panicu, and Bogdan Vornicu

The works presented are deformed images that, due to the laws of perspective, can be recomposed from a certain spot in order to form the correct image. The images realised through anamorphosis can be recomposed: either directly, in front of an observer placed at the key spot, or indirectly, in certain reflective surfaces (regular, conical or cylindrical mirrors). Anamorphosis can be a useful technique in fine arts because it forms images that are abstract at the same time as mimetic and also because it can be recomposed from a certain key spot that can be aesthetically exploited by the artist. Moreover, the anamorphoses harbour a degree of surprise and interactivity with the observer - participant in the re-shaping of the correct image.

Curator, arch. Bogdan Vornicu

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