Saturday, March 22, 2008

24-28 March 2008
Opening: Monday, 24 March 18h00
Eugen Alupopanu, Marinela Botez, Sabina Borhan, George Cernat, Claudiu Ciobanu, Adrian Crasmaru, Ciprian Croitoru, Mihai Ene, Miruna Nicolaev, Petru Padurariu, Gheorghita Elena Vornicu, Maria Vornicu

painting and sculpture from the GEORGE ENESCU University of Arts,

PRIVATE HABITATS subjectively describes in a cinematographic-like narrative the perspectival dissolution of the everyday urban life, by means of a parallel montage of pictorial fragments of intimate living space, contrasted with painterly and sculptural representations of urban atopias. The private habitats suggested imaginary reconstruct the disrupted space of an ordinary Romanian apartment, in which a trivial and claustrophilic existence of anonymous individuals takes place in an absurd routine and lack of human communication. The space of this uncanny narrative questions, sometimes suspending, the borders between the real, the phantasmal and the virtual, as well as those between the private and the public space. (Cristian Nae)

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