Wednesday, June 11, 2008

16-20 June 2008 / Opening: Monday 16 June 19h00

Alina Popa & Irina Gheorghe


Work in progress

„Poto and Cabengo are two twins from South California who refuse to communicate with the people around them and invent a language of their own. The director Jean-Pierre Gorin makes in 1979 a documentary about them; the twins are eventually normalized through a learning process which deprives them not only of their imagination, but also of the fascination they had on the others.

This story was the starting point of a photographic investigation about the I-you relation which can become I-I, about the endless movement of the glance from one figure to the other. Poto&Cabengo is a series of staged double self-portraits in different places and situations, a way of telling personal and fictive stories in a certain location.

The discourse can follow different directions, it is an open script, whose presentation as a work in progress emphasizes not only the importance of the autonomous images, but also the possible narrative links among them.” (Alina Popa & Irina Gheorghe)

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