Thursday, October 9, 2008


artistic interventions in public space

public presentation

October 10, 2008 | 4 pm

a project by Oberliht Association

– film projection

– presentation of the catalogue

– launch of 7th issue of STATE of EMERGENCY magazine/Oberliht Supplement

– debates with project participants

Project director, curator – Vladimir US

Co-curator – NataĊĦa BODROZIC

The INTERVENTIONS3, artistic project dealing with public space took place in the city of Chisinau’s and its surroundings throughout August this year. The project gathered more than thirty participants from Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Germany and France who stayed in the city for a short term residency creating art works and reflecting over the processes producing Chisinau’s public space today, the city's visual structure, the memory and experience of its inhabitants' everyday life.

Their stay is documented in the catalogue, in two different issues of STATE of EMERGENCY magazine / Oberliht Supplement and in a film that is going to be shown on this occasion.

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